Winter Views

Ordinarily I don’t pay much attention to weather. I never saw the percentage in caring about it as what happens outside is completely beyond my control. I understand that some people have Seasonal Affective Disorder which makes the gray, dark months exceptionally hard. I have empathy for them, knowing that they have as little control over their response to the gray and the cold as any of us do to the whims of meteorological conditions.

For some reason though, this winter has felt long to me. The temperatures haven’t been unusually bitter nor has the amount of precipitation been extreme. Counting days, though, I’d have to give drab, neutral skies the numerical edge over sunny ones. Despite the desire for color and mucking around in the garden, I still think it’s possible to appreciate the beauty of nature in its stark state as opposed to its lush one. I give you some photos of life in the midwest during winter. This along with everything else, will eventually pass.

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