Baby, I Can Drive My Car

I’m taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously. Not only do I not want to get it, I also don’t want to give it. But in all candor, I’m not a great rule follower. There is just something monumentally perverse in me that sends me looking for a way around doing what I’m told, especially when I know that everyone is supposed to be doing the same thing. Which brings me to social distancing. I’m definitely doing it. I’m hoping it “flattens the curve” which seems like the best outcome at this point in the rolling pandemic. I’m staying away from people. But I don’t want to feel trapped. So lucky for me, there’s my car.

I drive a 2005 Honda Accord. It’s been a reliable car which is what I care about most. I’ve never been someone who’s been interested in vehicles other than as a way to get from one place to another. My car goal has been to get them to 200,000 miles while they’re still safe to drive. They are a wonderful convenience. Today, that trusty grey chunk of metal was my way around the rule that I’m choosing to follow. I thought I’d share my kind of social distancing with those who choose to read my blog. I live in a community where in only a matter of minutes, urban views can be left behind. The vistas of the big sky Midwest quickly erase any sense of confinement. You can be utterly alone and feel very free from the sense of being confined. I hope you enjoy these scenes as much as I did on a sunny, cool day in the world of coronavirus.

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