Farewell to Spring

Last year when summer arrived, lockdown came along as its companion. Desperately missing a place to swim, I arranged a kiddie pool and umbrella in my backyard. Every day without rain found me sitting poolside in a lawn chair, kicking my feet in the water, headphones plugged in, observing all the life going on in my garden. I learned a lot about birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels and rabbits. My gardening skills improved and I made plans to enhance the habitat I hoped would induce more species to choose my yard and to provide nourishment for pollinators. Despite the isolation I had a pretty great time. When the heat and humidity ratcheted up this week, I knew spring was over. I miss my kiddie pool but it seems a bit ridiculous to reassemble it when I’m now lucky enough to be back in the park district pool. This spring was glorious, a bit cooler than usual. I had virtually all my perennials return along with a fabulous number of different birds. Some flowers will last through the summer while others appeared only briefly. I see the summer floral crew ready to blossom. I felt like sharing the bounty of this past equinox with those of you who read my posts. Here is the fleeting spring beauty, the migratory birds and the hope for the next few months. Enjoy.

Until next year….

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Spring”

  1. SO gorgeous, Renee! Wow! Those blue birds! And your cardinals! All the amazing flora & fauna! Thank you for so generously sharing with all of us! You inspire me to keep on gardening & enjoying my own backyard!

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