Hello friends,
On this first day of 2018, I step off into the virtual world to share my thoughts and ideas with many of you who joined me on the journey through my husband’s rare cancer, Merkel Cell carcinoma. He lived more than 5 years and during that time, I learned how much a person can stretch and grow in unexpected ways. I learned that developing a community of supporters is essential in maintaining the strength to be an advocate. I learned that the once unimaginable world of science could be conquered by a person who loves literature and history. I learned that being honest opens the door for surprising experiences with a multitude of people in widely differing situations. I learned that ageism is a useless artifact of modern life.

I have a wide range of interests. Foremost is my desire to be a resource for people who are trying to navigate the medical universe, either as a patient or an advocate. But I’m also keenly interested in current events, nature, literature, movies, ramblings, laughter and grief. I’m up for following lots of threads and have no idea what I’m likely to share on any given day. I guess I’m a peculiar cross between activist and dilettante. I guess we’ll see how things shake out.

It’ll take me a little while to get used to this format I chose. so bear with me. I’ve jumped off this cliff with no clear idea in my mind, but I believe it will evolve as most of life does, with unpredictable twists and little-imagined directions. Best to do it now while my brain is still functional. And by the way, my blog’s name comes from my love of music and the beauty of the rocks that grace this planet.